A contested divorce is a result of both you and your ex spouse not being able to agree on the issues involved with the case, so you hire divorce attorneys to help you negotiate or take the case to trial. The two outcomes when divorce lawyers get involved are, you will have spent a lot of money and have agreed to terms without going to trial or you end up in trial unsure of how the judge will make the decision about your family.

When you can’t come to terms with your ex spouse some days will look pitiful and you may feel defeated. You and spouse can take this as motivation to get things done, because once you go to trial both you and spouse will no control on the outcome of the divorce, and it will cost the both you and spouse significantly more money with the additional legal fees and court fees that could have been used to settle the differences.

If you look back and think about the person you married you may realize that all the fighting may not be necessary and this may help the process and allow the both of you to compromise. There was a time when there was admiration that both of you felt and going through the divorce process can be hurtful for everyone involved. This will undoubtedly cause more harm to both you and your spouse and also the children that are involved as well. It’s not just financially irresponsible to continue to add to the legal fees, it’s also emotionally draining for everyone involved as well, as both of your continue to tear each other apart to get the better deal and destroying the possibility of a future relationship which will need to be maintained for the children.

It’s only fair to go through the trial when both of you have issues that you feel strongly about and can’t come to terms with. One of the more common issues that are hard to resolve is who gets physical custody of the children and how much visitation time does the other parent get, obviously it wouldn’t be beneficial for the children to have them move back and forth between both parents.

Some of the issues that you and your spouse may find it worthwhile to fight for if you can’t agree on fair terms are custody of the children involved, how support payments will be arranged, and how the joint assets will be divided. Of course if one of you aren’t willing to compromise on issues choosing your way or the highway, this would also be another reason to have your divorce attorney Alpharetta take the case to trial, because the offer is so outrageous that you find offensive.

Before you decide on taking the divorce case to trail, you need to ask yourself is this better for the children involved. Are you being vindictive just trying to punish your spouse, if you’re just trying to punish your spouse this often leads to more harm then good. If children are involved you’ll still need to see your spouse on a regular basis, and it’s in both of your interest to at least be tolerable to each other especially when children are involved.

You can learn more about the Georgia and Alpharetta court system and how family law works in the courts of Georgia, as well as the various legalities involved.